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WP Central Visual size guide to handsets Windows Phone 8

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“It’s only been a week since we unveiled the Windows Phone 8X and 8S and it seems everyone is talking about these bold new designs.  This week, we sat down with HTC product planner Anthony Rutter to talk about this new pair of smartphones.”

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Photos taken with the Nokia Lumia 920

The photos range from low light shots to macro shots taken with the 920.

Photos can be found at Flickr

Nokia has revealed that its latest Windows Phone 8 smartphones, unveiled earlier this month, will go on sale in November 2012, just in time for the holiday season.

Newsday reported that Nokia has finally released some pricing information for its next generation Lumia series phones – Lumia 920 and Lumia 820. The pricing is competitive and pitches the upcoming devices up against rivals Samsung Galaxy S3 and Apple’s new iPhone 5.

Nokia will release the new Lumia smartphones in important European markets first, which is quite understandable considering that its headquarters are based in Europe. It is learnt that the pricing will vary slightly from region to region. Commenting about Nokia’s released information, Newsday writes:

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We’ve seen a few Windows 8 phones in the flesh, namely the HTC 8X and 8S, plus Nokia’s Lumia 920 and 820, but no one’s had a chance to thoroughly poke around Microsoft latest and greatest yet. Until now that is; courtesy of a leaked, final WP8 SDK, meet Windows Phone 8.

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Central Park low light test

Mounted on a RC car